Key Information

Key Workers and Family Group

Every child has a key worker who will be responsible for documenting their learning. They’ll be responsible for planning exciting, engaging and relevant play experiences for your child, as well as providing cuddles, comfort and whole family approach to support for you as parents too. They will observe your child, record and will share key milestone developments with you. In return, we hope you will share any progress or exciting times that you have with your child at home.

Once a child is ready they will join a Family Group alongside other children. Family groups meet twice a day and are led by Keyworkers.  The family group approach allows Keyworkers time to get to know the children in their care, which in turn promotes a strong, secure and genuine bond that enables a ‘professional love’ to develop. Family groups also promote the children to build relationships with each other, a vital skill for life

Nutrition and Mealtimes

As families know mealtimes are important social occasions and we feel the same. We support children to be independent, to share with others and to talk with their friends. We have a 3 week rotational pescatarian menu which we regularly review to ensure it meets the needs of the children. We use meat and fish alternatives and cater for any special dietary requirements.

Each day we provide 3 balanced nutritional meals and snacks; these are included within our fees. We have a light breakfast at 8.30am, lunch between 11.30am-12.00 noon and a light tea at 4.00pm. All our meals are planned and home-made on the premises each day by our experienced Nursery Cook. We use fresh fruit and seasonal vegetables, and always encourage children to help prepare meals and snacks throughout the day.

Parental Involvement

Parents are encouraged to become as involved as possible in nursery life and there is a lot for you to be involved in. We pride ourselves on having excellent relationships with our parents. From informal daily chats to more formal development reviews the team is on hand to discuss your child’s overall happiness, development and progress at nursery. We welcome parental feedback.

Baby Nest provides written and verbal feedback on your child’s day, detailing eating, sleeping, activities, developmental progress and emotional well-being. Once a child is in our over 2’s areas parents receive the same information verbally at the end of your child’s day.

Each child has a learning journal which is completed by their keyworker, we also encourage parents to participate in these journals adding any highlights from home and can use it to record any hopes and wishes for your child during their nursery journey. Parents regularly chat to us and bring or email in photos which we love to add into the journals, it also gives us an insight into a world that we hear so much about!

Early Years Entitlement

Some children are entitled to 15 hours of Government funded early years education the term after their 2nd birthday. Don’t hesitate to check with us if you are unsure if you are eligible. All children are eligible for Early Years Entitlement funding from the term following their third birthday.