Children’s Centre


Children’s Centre Services and Partner Agencies

Manor Wood Children’s Centre opened in 2008 providing support and services to families in the area and we have 2 family outreach workers on site. We work in partnership to ensure all children and families who attend the centre have extra support if needed. We feel this is another element that makes us so unique and enables children to reach their full potential.

Groups and Courses are available Term Time only through the year and are run within our Tipi and The Bungalow building

please call the centre for start dates:

  • Parent Gym

Six free weekly sessions for parents of children aged 2-11.

Parent Gym offers fun and interactive parenting workshops with tips to feeling calm, having a happier, more confident child and making family life more fun.

  • Baby Massage

A 5 week course to learn and discover the many benefits of baby massage.

Benefits include:

  • Enhances bonding and attachment.
  • Understand non-verbal cues from your baby
  • Relaxation time for you and your baby
  • Relief from wind, colic, constipation and teething discomfort
  • Feeling closer to your baby

The cost for the 5 sessions is £25, unless you are in receipt of benefits, i.e., Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance, ESA, or DLA.

Please contact the Children’s Centre if you are unsure if you are eligible for free sessions.

  • Toddler Talk

Toddler Talk sessions focus on supporting your child’s speech and language development. These informal play sessions will show you how your child is learning language and just what you can do to help. Also great for parents to share tips and advice.

  • Family Learning.

Family Learning encourages families to be involved in their children’s learning and the chance to learn new skills to help children learn in a fun and friendly way.Some of the courses offered are:

  • Story Sacks
  • Play and Language
  • ParentSmart
  • Let’s Start Learning Together
  • Family ESOL
  • First Aid Training
  • Henry
  • SEN Support-Monthly

We also work in partnership with the local health visiting team and together we complete 2 year old progress checks within the nursery environment. This helps us to celebrate successes and discuss any worries or concerns from both nursery and parents. These take place when a child reaches 27 months and parents are informed by letter from their child’s health visitor.

We regularly assess children’s development starting within their first month at nursery. If we identify that your child requires additional support, a discussion will be held with you at the earliest opportunity. If we feel your child may need some extra help we will take steps to ensure we fully support your child with their needs. We have a dedicated staff member who is our SENCO and we too have close links with the Speech and Language Therapy team and local Inclusion workers.